Evolution or Creation

Christians will tell you that faith is believing. And all of us believe in something. Therefore it also takes faith to believe the Earth was created by a small singularity which inflated over billions of years to create the cosmos.

My question is which is faith and which is fantasy? Non-believers consider God to be a fairy tale. They claim the Earth has existed for billions of years. Christians hold to a doctrine of thousands of years.

Early manuscripts tell us that Christianity has existed since 0 AD, and a belief in the God of creation existed thousands of years before that. These manuscripts are among the earliest manuscripts that can be documented. So aside from actual written testimony, how does science date the Earth? Similar to examining tree rings to determine the age of a tree, science examines rock formations. Yet if you believe in a creator who made those rocks, He could’ve designed them however He chose.

So how did the Earth get here to begin with? Science tells us that the universe is expanding. Roughly speaking, they back date, using the rate of expansion of the universe, to find a pinpoint moment the universe came into existence. The small singularity.

So who has more faith? We would normally say as Christians that we do. Yet I propose that non-believers have the bigger faith.

It’s easy to believe in God, for the same reason it takes a leap of faith to believe in the big bang and evolution. Let’s examine what it takes to believe in the big bang.

You first start with a small singularity that was just there. Then for some unexplainable reason, this random singularity decides to blow up. I’m sure we all know what happens when we blow things up. They’re destroyed. But this singularity was not only capable of self explosion, it created rather than destroyed. Not only did it create, but it managed to hang this one planet in an orbit that gives it light both day and night. But it doesn’t stop there. It also created more than 8 million species of life. That’s one diverse singularity. Then this little singularity endows us with brains capable of intelligent thought. Then evolution takes over and we’re no longer apes. At least that’s the short version.

So again, who is believing a fairy tale? Is it easier to believe that a creator specifically designed the universe and the Earth, with all it’s diversity, life, and intelligence? Or is it easier to believe all this was just some random shot in the dark?

If you look at it from God’s point of view, He said “Let there be light!” Boom! There you go. The singularity that created the universe in the blink of an eye, creating an intelligent design. Not something random and without thought. Not something that exploded and should destroy. But a God who spoke it all into existence, who knew what He was creating and designed it this way.

So rather than creation vs. evolution, perhaps the question should be: supreme design or destructive explosion?

You decide.


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